A day in Pula

1. Pay a visit to Arena- Colosseum in Rome is the most popular Roman amphitheater, but Pula got its own magnificent version, the well preserved Arena. You can visit during daytime and admire centuries old architecture or even better, attend a concert or watch a movie under the stars with the sea as a background. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? 


2. Try out some fresh local products at the Market- the building was erected in 1903 as an architectonic wonder of glass and steel, a first of its kind in this area. Today, you can buy fresh fish and meat in the ground floor, have a cup of coffee on the upper floor and enjoy the colors and smells of local fruits and veggies under the shade of chestnut trees in front of the building. -Be sure to find typical Istrian specialties such as wild asparagus or truffles!


3. Have a drink on the main square called Forum- pick a terrace with the best view and admire the 23 centuries old Augustus temple and the medieval city hall. We usually sit in the bar called Cvajner as it has artsy vibe and a decent collection of beer and schnapps.


4. Take a walk on the Verudela peninsula- gifted with dense pine wood, beautiful waterfront and Havajska beach (Hawaiian beach- presumably thanks to the turquoise color of the sea), it’s a great place for a family day trip, morning run or relaxed evening walk. There is also the Aquarium Pula, a fun place to visit with kids (don’t expect anything big or fancy, but do expect  serious amount of cuteness as it is a shelter for injured sea turtles).


5. Find out which exhibition is at display in Sveta Srca- this former church is beautifully restored and adapted to exhibition space few years ago. It regularly hosts interesting exhibitions, from mind blowing contemporary installations to artifacts from ancient Istrian past.


6. Stroll under the “Golden gate”- the triumphal arch of the Sergi is a Roman monument from 1st century BC and was one of the city gates of ancient Pula. It is situated on the Portarata square where many concerts and events are being held in the summer months.


7. Make time for a day trip to Cape Kamenjak- this beautiful protected landscape has more than 30 bays with crystal clear water, stunning rocky waterfront, scented pine woods and a variety of plant and butterfly species. You can take a walk or a bicycle ride through its marked pathways, or sign up for surfing school in the Skoljic bay. At the end of a day, have a drink in the peculiar setting of Safari bar- a one of its kind, it will thrill your inner child!


8. Visit the Naval cemetery- if you’d like to have a little time for yourself in a peaceful ambient, this might be the perfect place, as the 19th century cemetery has a beautiful park with giant cypress trees and relaxing background music of singing birds in the treetops.


9. Taste the lstrian specialties at Trattoria Vodnjanka- this simple, family run restaurant serves delicious dishes made out of local ingredients in a way Istrian nonna would have cooked it! Regardless if you prefer meat or fish, everything they serve is just spot on!


10. Enjoy the view of the Lighting giants- when the night falls, on the hour every hour the cranes of the shipyard Uljanik lighten up in a colorful scheme. The project was made by an inovative designer from Pula, and this light show quickly became one of main tourist attractions! You'll get the best view from the boardwalk and the main dock.