Hi, I'm Anja.

Traveling has been essential part of my live since I can remember (from the time I used to travel through Europe by car with my parents), and as I grew older, it started to reflect the way I live. Currently, my husband Luka and I split time between Zagreb and Pula (Croatia), because our work allows us to, and we never stay in one place for too long. 

Luka is a professional interior photographer, and I learned a lot about photography and photo editing from him. He still stands behind some of the visual content I'm sharing here, and if you're interested in his work, you can check it out on:


I've majored History of art and Spanish language and literature, but I do not work in either of this fields at the moment. That doesn't mean that I don't follow and study art, or that I'm not practicing my translating skills anymore!

All in all, there isn't a place that I visited and didn't like at all, which says enough about my travel preferences. Except for the travels, I also like to cook (and eat!), to both listen and play music (I play cello), to go to the nature as often as I can, to read, to hang out with my family and friends (don't we all) and to spend time browsing the food and the fashion boards on Pinterest. 

I started this blog partly to share travel experiences with our family, friends, and the (very welcome on my blog) other travellers and curious readers, and partly to present the beauty of Croatia to the world (or the part interested in Croatia!). Our biggest treasure is our sea, which is, regarding Croatians the most beautiful sea in the world (and we don't even want to argue about that). Then there is the coastline with its numerous picturesque towns, the food which is fresh and local (and important!), if you know where to look. :) The capital, Zagreb, is charming and pretty buzzing; in the last few years it is also getting more and more interesting for tourists and I have to write a blog post about it!

I love Italy, and it ends up on my travel itinerary few times a year- because of its art and culture which burst on literary every corner, because of Italians and their approach to food, to life, to fashion, and because you can go to Italy to ski, to climb a volcano, to swim in the sea, to eat the best pasta and the best cake, to shop until you can't walk no more, to go from town to town your whole life and still find something new and exciting.

My travel wishlist for 2017 consist mostly of Iceland, France, Spain and Italy (surprise!). When it comes to bigger cities, it's about time for me to see London, as I expect it to be one of the coolest European metropolis. I will be updating my readers on my current whereabouts.

Thanks for stopping by and if you have any ideas/questions/comments I'd love to hear from you!